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A construction company is not an entity by itself and does not merely carry out one role, for they are large-scale multitasking agencies that incorporate a plethora of human capital, machinery and a myriad of processes to structure itself. Hence, the concept, design and assembling of a building must be effectively planned.

Since the formation of Gold Spectrum Construction, we have built a strong foundation, working with the private, public and individual clientele throughout the nation. We maintain hands-on involvement with all projects from their inception through completion, emphasizing our commitment to clients’ stringent specifications such as high-quality standards, premium services, scheduling, and budgeting.

In general, there are three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure, and industrial. Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential.

We at Gold Spectrum Construction, can tailor our services to meet a particular Client’s needs. We can provide full “turnkey” support to take a project from concept to reality or engage in specific project phases on an as-needed basis. Whether you are selecting a site or obtaining entitlements, we have the technical know-how and relationships necessary to move your project along.

We specialize in residential, hotel/restaurant, commercial projects; new construction, remodeling, tenant improvement and additions/extensions.

Whatever the construction needs are, Gold Spectrum Construction uses its modern techniques and expertise to meet all specifications. We have nurtured a tradition of reliability and a unique ability to grasp contemporary design with a sensibility to traditional Japanese esthetics.

It is the client who decides that something should be built! The client might be a property development company, a local authority, a central government department, a private business or an individual. The client decides what needs to be built, the timeframe in which it should be built and how much it should cost. Gold Spectrum Construction will advise the client on matters relating to the design, cost, and any regulations and will manage the project on behalf of the client.

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