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Our Services


Gold Spectrum telecom, works with all the necessities that arise in managing the telecommunication requirements in your business. We assess the current agreement with the service provider and offer you our consultancy on the same. This will assist you to manage and optimize the service and your finances in a way that will profit the business.

IT & IoT

The world is growing with modern technology and therefore IT and IoT are gaining momentum in business and industries. We offer consultancy on IT and provide solutions based on IoT products that enhance your profitability and efficiency. We work along with you identifying the problems your business face and if required we suggest consultancy on how to solve the same.


Our trading business includes spices, PPE products, tissues and paper. We obtain all our products from hygienic, high quality and reliable sources and therefore are able to supply any demand within a proper time frame.


Since the formation of Gold Spectrum Construction, we have built a strong foundation, working with the private, public and individual clientele throughout the nation. We maintain hands-on involvement with all projects from their inception through completion, emphasizing our commitment to clients’ stringent specifications such as high-quality standards, premium services, scheduling, and budgeting.

In general, there are three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure, and industrial. Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential.

We at Gold Spectrum Construction, can tailor our services to meet a particular Client’s needs. We can provide full “turnkey” support to take a project from concept to reality or engage in specific project phases on an as-needed basis. you are selecting a site or obtaining entitlements, we have the technical know-how and relationships necessary to move your project along.

Health care

We are into supplying Personal Protective Equipment such as face masks, face shields, gloves, surgical gowns, helmets etc…. We guarantee the best quality and timely delivery with credibility in all transactions. Every product is manufactured according to international standards and we provide an unparalleled service in sourcing your product.

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