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The modern world is moving in the direction where IoT products will be the trend setters. While reputed companies are slowly growing towards this trend, Gold Spectrum has managed to gain the lead as we are armed with professionals in this field. While there are many products to IoT, it is noteworthy that they can be versatile and be used in many industries.

Below are some of such industries in which IoT products could be used.

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Financial Service
  • Consumer Electronics and Cars
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Aviation and other industrial sectors

Gold Spectrum boasts of Its professional team who have worked and installed IoT products in many companies and have seen productive results in these ventures.

Gold Spectrum was privileged to Install Production Monitoring & Auditing Solutions in well reputed FMCG manufacturing plants & companies island wide. This project gave us momentum as the results spoke for itself and the management was well pleased with the same.

Our team of expertise Installed Smart Weather Monitoring Solutions in few locations providing accurate and analytical data for future predictions and associated endeavors.

We are also pioneering Smart Advertising Solutions under the IoT product category that will add a new dimension and strategy to the whole advertising industry.

Our Professionals installed Employer Management System in few companies, enabling the managing team to be more efficient in their decision making and work on a rapid process to take the business forward.

We were able to introduce Smart Lamp Poles by Installing Smart Lamp Pole Solutions in few areas, which is cost effective and also one of the highly sought after options.

IoT paves the Way for Smart Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Solutions through its product, and our implementation of the same has brought rapid recognition for the company. This allows for many crucial decisions to be taken and therefore have been beneficial for the public and private sector.

We have also Installed Smart Metering Solutions in some areas island wide, assisting the interested parties in data collection, analyzing and appropriate decision making.

We were leaders in introducing Smart Bus Shelter as we installed it as a new initiative moving into the next decade.

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